Storm Mountain Folk Dancers header with picture of dancers (and friends) in Bulgarian costume; click for full picture

The Dancers

Karen Berger
Member since 2001
Picture of Karen Berger   Rebecca Mann
Member since 1995
Picture of Rebecca Mann
Bob Cooper
Member since 1982
  Bill Pool
Member since 1982
Picture of Bill Pool
Lorraine Dunn
Member since 2001
Picture of Lorraine Dunn   Jay Snyder
Member since 1978
Picture of Jay Snyder
Deryl Keney
Member since 1975
Picture of Deryl Keney   Erich Stroheim
Member since 1984
Picture of Erich Stroheim
Wendi Kiss
Member since 2000
Picture of Wendi Kiss   Cherie Trine  
Margie Kroeger
Member since 2008
    Sallie Varner
Member since 1982
Picture of Sallie Varner
Rhonda Lyles Picture of Rhonda Lyles   Wally Wahlen Picture of Wally Wahlen

Updated: April 10, 2009
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